The perfect coating? We can supply it.

The perfect coating? We can supply it.

Our metallic and ceramic sputtering targets and arc cathodes are used to produce ultra-thin, high-performance functional layers for flat screens, thin-film solar cells and hard material coatings. Do you need to talk to an expert about PVD coating? Our experienced product managers, engineers and developers can answer all your questions about thin films. 

Sputtering targets for flat screens.

Sputtering targets for TFT screens Used to manufacture thin layers, our coating materials are vital components of the thin-film transistors used in TFT-LCD screens. They control the individual pixels and therefore have a great influence on the image quality. Find out more about our sputtering targets made from molybdenum, MoTa, MoW, tungsten, aluminum and copper.

Sputtering targets for the solar industry.

Sputtering targets for the solar industry  

In the absorber layer of a thin-film solar cell, sunlight is converted into electrical current. Below this, there is a thin layer of molybdenum. This collects the generated electricity and allows for transportation to the grid. Increase your output! With our sputtering targets for thin-film solar cells made from molybdenum, sodium doped molybdenum (MoNa) and materials for absorber layers.

Sputtering targets and arc cathodes for hard material layers.

Coated tools  

Used as hard material layers on tools, components and decorative items, our aluminum, titanium, zirconium, chromium and ceramic-based materials have to prove their toughness every day. Hard material layers extend the service lives of drills, milling cutters and other tools, protect components and enhance the appearance of a wide range of products due to the color effects they produce. Find out more about our wide range of materials for hard material layers.

A single source for all your needs.

From the raw material through to the finished product: including the development of new materials and the optimization of our coating methods and coatings, we are the only manufacturer of sputtering targets to perform every stage of the production process in-house. This results in reliable, high quality products. At PLANSEE, this means maximum density, superior purity and a homogeneous microstructure.


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Sure and certain.

    Ever since 1921, our customers have been able to rely on Plansee as an independent private company. Like us, they place great importance on reliability and continuity – especially when it comes to raw materials procurement. With Global Tungsten & Powders (GTP) and a holding in Molibdenos y Metales (Molymet), the Plansee-Group covers all the stages involved in the processing of tungsten and molybdenum – from powder manufacture through the subsequent powder metallurgy processes and on to the production of semifinished products and customer-specific components.

A development partner at your side.

PLANSEE coating laboratory  New technologies such as 3D television, efficiency enhancements in solar cells or the need for exceptionally wear-resistant coatings for tools continuously confront even our materials with new challenges. Our customers know: PLANSEE is more than just a materials supplier. We are involved in every aspect of the PVD process because only through the perfect combination of all the process parameters, is it possible to create a coating that precisely meets our customers' requirements.

In our coating laboratory, we perform sputtering under industrial conditions. Here, our team of developers creates coatings and conducts in-depth analyses based on our customers' specifications. In cooperation with equipment manufacturers and numerous research institutes, we are constantly developing new coating materials for more efficient solutions that offer even greater performance. Our molybdenum-tantalum (MoTa) coating material, for example, is particularly corrosion-resistant and therefore helps extend the life expectancy of touch panels. Another application: Molybdenum-sodium (MoNa) sputtering targets make the output of CIGS solar cells even more efficient because the Na doping is introduced during the manufacturing of our molybdenum targets directly.