Swiss precision: PLANSEE Powertech.

PLANSEE Powertech PLANSEE Powertech is the leading producer of arcing contact systems for the power transmission and distribution sector. Located at the heart of the arcing chamber, contact materials have to withstand temperatures up to 20 000 °C.
Thanks to their unique physical properties, our contact materials tungsten-copper (WCu) and copper-chromium (CuCr) have set new standards for the industry in the field of ultra high, high, medium and low voltage applications. For the near-net shape production of copper-chromium-contacts PLANSEE Powertech has developed a special production process.


Tungsten carbide-silver (WCAg) is another impressive material due to its combination of particularly high wear resistance, thermal conductivity and high resistance to arc erosion.


Thanks to our highly developed production technologies, we can manufacture large runs of precision parts as well as small runs or even individual parts for our customers. Alongside contact components, PLANSEE Powertech also produces installation-ready contact modules. To connect our WCu, WCAg and CuCr components with aluminum, copper, steel and nickel alloys, we use state-of-the-art joining technologies such as electron beam welding, various brazing technologies and Perma-Flash welding. Our production methods are fully automated. In this way, we can guarantee stable processes in proven Swiss quality.


New ideas?

Then PLANSEE Powertech is the place for you. With our comprehensive engineering skills and experience since more than 50 years, we will be delighted to help you in the development of your new products and help boost performance based on our cost-aware design capabilities. 

Fact Box
Founded: 1960 as Elektro-Metall AG   
1987: Elektro-Metall AG becomes part of the PLANSEE Group
2007: Elektro-Metall AG changes name to PLANSEE Powertech AG
Certification: ISO 9001


PLANSEE Powertech AG
Retterswil 13, 5703 Seon, Schweiz
Tel.: +41 62 769 60 80, Fax: +41 62 769 60 88


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