Powder magic and
the art of metallurgy

For 100 years, the Plansee Group has manufactured robust products made from high-performance molybdenum and tungsten. With our materials, we make this technology-driven world simpler, safer, and more livable. We did so, for example, with the tungsten wire for incandescent lamps, which brought light to all households 100 years ago. We followed up the filament with the rotating anode for X-ray machines. In the succeeding decades, we have developed products and tools for the lighting and glass industry, aviation, mechanical engineering, energy technology, the automotive industry, as well as consumer electronics. Today, we support the semiconductor industry with the manufacture of inconceivably powerful microchips. With our experience, strong values, and fantastic employees who are impassioned about developing new application areas by partnering with our customers, we journey into the next century of our history with confidence

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