Sputtering targets and arc cathodes for hard material layers.

Used as wear-resistant coatings, our materials prove their toughness every day and extend the service lives of drills, milling machines as well as many other tools and components. Thanks to the color effects they produce, our materials are also excellent when used as decorative coatings.

Sputtering targets titanium-silicon
Hard material coatings from our titanium silicon targets protect tools agains wear

We manufacture sputtering targets and arc cathodes from our aluminum, titanium, zirconium, chromium and ceramic-based materials. Just the perfect target for your specific process.

What makes our targets and arc cathodes so special:

  • the outstanding purity of the materials
  • their high density
  • a particularly fine-grained microstructure

Longstanding partnerships.

As manufacturer of arcing cathodes and targets, we are willing to see the bigger picture:

We know well about the influences among the process parameters, the coating material and the finished coating.
A close collaboration with our customers ensures the best possible results.

This is also confirmed by Frank-Peter Bach, General Manager
H-O-T Härte- und Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

Take your choice:

Whether you are looking for a wear-resistant coating, adhesive layer, decorative or DLC coating - we have the perfect target material to meet your specific requirements: