Turn night into day.
With Plansee.


Plansee's tungsten wires have been producing light in incandescent lamps since 1921. And today, our refractory metals are still lighting the way. For example, in halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps or LEDs.

Among our "bright sparks" for the lighting industry, we can count tungsten fine wire for incandescent filaments, retaining and feed wire, sealing-in foils, current conductors and H4 dipping caps, tungsten electrodes and welding aids.

fine tungsten wire
In Mysore/India we straighten and anneal our fine wire. This wire is used for example as filaments in halogen lamps.

Material properties appreciated by our customers.

Among the benefits that make our materials such a bright prospect for our customers are their high melting point,low vapor pressure, excellent thermal conductivity and weldability and their low electron work function. In this way, we help in the production of environmentally responsible, efficient, long-lasting lighting.

You can rely on Plansee. We have 90 years of experience in the manufacture of top-quality lamp components. We have holdings in mines in the West to ensure a responsible, long-term supply of raw materials. We invest in modern, fully automated systems. We produce in-house. From the ore right through to the lamp component ready for installation.

What are the benefits for you? Consistent high quality, secure raw materials supply, high production capacities and guaranteed supply capability . Because we are the perfect example of a reliable, long-term partner.