From high-performance materials to high-performance products.

Molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and chromium are our speciality. Ever since 1921, Plansee has been producing refractory metals (refractory metals = metals with high melting points) with unique properties. Alongside alloys and composite materials with very special combinations of properties, Plansee now also supplies additional metallic and ceramic materials and components.

We will harmonize the different properties of our materials to match your specific requirements - whether in the form of semi-finished products or fully machined, assembled components. Plansee possesses all the core skills and key technologies necessary for the production, machining and finishing of these materials. Our experienced experts possess the necessary blend of materials expertise, technological skills and comprehensive application know-how.

The benefit to you: A top-quality, tailor-made product at the most economical price possible.

Refractory metals come to the fore when the demands are too great for conventional materials. Our experts will develop the right product to cope with extreme thermal, aggressive chemical or exceptional physical stresses. Tell us what challenge you are facing! You can rely on our Innovation Team to find the solution.