Our company structure enables application know-how.

We want to give you the best technical advice available. That is why we have subdivided our enterprise structure in a way that focuses on key business areas. Our sales, development and production personnel in a Business Unit specialize fully in the field of application in which their customers operate.

Outstanding materials expertise is a skill we create ourselves. Application-related knowledge is not. That is why we get to know and understand the requirements placed on our components in our everyday cooperation with our customers, in collaboration with research institutes and end users, and in discussions at specialist conferences, trade fairs and customer workshops.

PVD coating laboratory
PVD application laboratory

We possess our own research laboratories in which we test our components in operation. An example? In our Coating Center, we deposit coatings produced using our materials and analyze them. These are then subsequently used in flat screens or in solar cells.

We stand for:

  • A long history of experience in different industries
  • Close cooperation with our customers
  • Customer support staff with technical training
  • Detailed analyses and near-real life simulations
  • In-house laboratories for selected industries

The benefits to you:

  • A development partner with in-depth knowledge of your industry
  • Application-related consulting from experienced experts
  • Rapid reactivity to technological advances
  • Efficient implementation of innovative product solutions

An example?

Severe storms with lightning strikes can cause even our switch contacts in power plants or transformer substations to fail. In the past, our customers' service teams could take up to one day to remove and replace the defective contacts. To overcome this problem, Plansee Powertech in Switzerland developed a completely new design principle for switch contacts that reduced the time required to repair switching chambers damaged by power surges from up to a day to under an hour. After only a year, the new product was released for series production. Our customers remember this type of success and are happy to entrust us with new development orders. So tell us what challenge you are facing! We will find innovative answers based on refractory metals.