We are part of the Plansee Group

The Plansee Group is entirely focused on producing, processing and marketing the refractory metals molybdenum and tungsten. The Plansee Group is also committed to ensuring a sustainable supply of raw materials:

"By acquiring GTP in 2008 and a holding in Molymet, we set a strategic mark in respect of ensuring our primary raw materials molybdenum and tungsten in the long term."(Dr. Michael Schwarzkopf, chairman of the supervisory board of the Plansee Holding AG)

Plansee Group Global Tungsten & Powders Plansee Group Molymet Ceratizit

The Plansee Group comprises three divisions and one holding:

  • Plansee High Performance Materials produces components made from refractory metals
  • Ceratizit manufactures hard metal cutting tools
  • GTP supplies the Group with tungsten concentrate
  • Molymet provides the Plansee Group with molybdenum concentrate

You are in the area dedicated to the "Plansee High Performance Materials" division. You will find more information on the Plansee Group HERE.

What's special about our metals?

Tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum are the most heat-resistant metals. Whereas iron and steels start to feel the heat even at 1 600 degrees Celsius, these temperatures leave our materials cold. With their high melting point , they are suitable for use as heaters in high-temperature furnaces or as incandescent filaments in lamps. In electrical switch contacts, they are valuable because of their excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. In electrically conductive film in flat screens and solar cells, our alloys are remarkable for their low coefficient thermal of expansion. In this way, they bring astonishingly sharp image quality to our living rooms and provide us with clean energy.

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