Plansee India.

Plansee India is our expert for fine tungsten wires and fine molybdenum wires. These have a minimum diameter of only 0.015 millimeters – so thin that they are able to heat the windscreens of modern automobiles "invisibly". When used as electrodes in wire erosion machines, they carry high voltages and cut even the hardest materials with absolute precision. However, our fine wires mostly have their chance to shine as filaments in halogen lamps.

And that is not everything: Alongside twisted wires and coils, Plansee India produces boats for thermal evaporation and ion implantation systems. Our customers worldwide appreciate our employees' knowledge and understanding of their materials and their many years of experience. We are the first people to talk to for new ideas in the field of fine wires. Together with you, we will optimize the properties of your wires to meet the precise requirements of your applications.

The new production building of Plansee India was opened in 2015

10,000 square meters for cutting-edge production.

With a surface area of some 10,000 square meters, the previous production plants in Mysore were housed under one roof in 2015. The new production facility offers plenty of space for further expansions of production capacity.

Plansee India uses the very latest in production technology. It is fully integrated in Plansee’s global production network for the powder-metallurgical manufacture of the high-performance materials molybdenum and tungsten.

Founded: 1987 as Wolfra Tech Pvt. Ltd.
2010: Wolfra Tech becomes a part of the Plansee Group under the name Plansee India
2015: Opening of a new production facility in Mysore
Certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Coils for thermal evaporation
Coils for thermal evaporation and for ion implantation
Fine wire for halogen lamps
Fine wire for halogen lamps
Evaporation boats
Evaporation boats


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