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It definitely makes sense to embark on your career at Plansee. Not only do we attach great importance to sound vocational training, but we also have an eye on things further along the road with the interesting opportunities for development that we can offer in Reutte and around the world.

Would you like to get a taste of the world of work?
Then a school internship is just right for you. We will give you an insight into the world of work at Plansee and let you see what everyday working life looks like close up. In this way, you will gain initial practical work experience and perhaps even discover your future dream job right away.

Do you have the old problem of more wishes than money in your pocket?
We have the solution. Come to us for a holiday job and combine business with pleasure: Earn money while taking your first steps in the world of work. Does that sound like a win-win? It is!

Had enough of the classroom and really eager to start a vocational training?

We reckon that's a good choice. This will provide you with the tools you need to give your later professional life a real boost.

In our state-of-the-art training center, 150 young people are currently getting to know the company, our products and processes from the ground up.

The excellent vocational training speaks for itself - many of our managers started their careers with an apprenticeship at Plansee and Ceratizit.

Experienced trainers and other apprentices are looking forward to welcoming you at our sites in Reutte, Lechbruck and Seon.

Would you also like to become part of our strong team?
Than apply HERE for a training position 2021 at our site in Reutte. We are looking forward to you!

Any questions about our vocational training?
Your personal contact person will be happy to assist you.

Metalworking engineer - focusing on mechanical engineering
As a mechanical engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining, servicing and repairing machines and systems. You will ensure that our machine tools and systems in the various areas of operation are constantly available.

Metalworking engineer - focusing on machining technology
As a machinist, you will learn the many different ways of shaping hard metals by turning, milling and grinding. You will form products from metal sheets, plates and rods to customer specifications.

Electrical engineer
The increase in automation and control technology means that our electrical engineers are the ones who keep our company powered up. And there is also a lot of power behind your apprenticeship, which includes basic training in metals as well as electrical engineering.

Lab technician - focusing on chemistry
Using computer-controlled equipment and microscopes, you will examine a wide variety of powders and metals to ensure that the chemistry is always right. If your strengths lie in working carefully and accurately, this is the place for you.

Materials engineer
As a materials engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring that other departments have high quality materials to process. Among other things, you will check the density, hardness and strength of the metals, thus allowing customers to receive a high-quality end product.

Process engineer
As a process engineer you will be operating production machines and systems, most of which are not standard. You will be carrying out quality assurance measures, ensuring excellent product quality and maintaining our production equipment.

Cutting machinist
As a cutting machinist, you will learn how to machine various metals by turning, milling and drilling using fully automatic CNC systems and to produce various components according to the specifications and drawings provided by our customers.

Polytechnic engineer
Manufacturing is one of the main activities of polytechnic engineers. You will be producing tools, components or production equipment from metals such as steel, chromium steel or aluminium, as well as from plastics or composites. To produce custom parts or prototypes, you will be working manually on lathes and milling, drilling and grinding machines. Most of the time, however, you will be using computer-controlled machines.

Production mechanic
As a production mechanic,
you manufacture parts using various manufacturing processes. The main focus is on machining technology, especially machining by drilling, milling and turning. You also perform maintenance work and assist in the commissioning of machinery and production equipment.

Are you looking for a holiday job? Then please have a look at our job market. If you don't find what you're looking for, just get in touch with one of our contact persons. Together we will then see what is feasible.

Are you interested in technology and digitization? Would you like to work with a 3D printer or find out how a robot and an app works? Then Plansee Digital Days is for you!

The Digital Days are an offer for pupils between the ages of 12 and 14 who are interested in a varied summer holiday programme. The aim of the Digital Days is to make the digital and technical world fun and show how diverse it is. We offer the opportunity to experience modern technology, develop ideas and build and test prototypes during one week.
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