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Respect and trust for honest, direct, and fair dealings with each other

At Plansee, we are committed to using ethical business practices and strictly comply with the applicable laws. At the same time, we also deal honestly, directly, and fairly with our employees, suppliers, customers, partners as well as those persons at our operating sites. This is the prerequisite for a successful and long-term collaboration.

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct lays down guiding principles for our employees regarding their professional lives and the fulfillment of their duties. With these five guiding principles, we commit ourselves to ethical business practices and compliance with the applicable laws, and we enable our employees to familiarize themselves with our expectations.

To the Code of Conduct

Our Whistleblower System

The whistleblower system for Plansee HPM, GTP, Plansee Group Service, and Plansee Holding at our European locations gives whistleblowers the opportunity to safely report on legal violations and/or infringements of the guiding principles of the Code of Conduct in the specified companies, either openly or anonymously.

This platform can be used by employees, customers, suppliers, or other persons with a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.

  • For what subjects can the whistleblower system be used?

    In principle: The whistleblower system should be used to report a reasonable suspicion of legal violations and/or violations against the guiding principles in the Code of Conduct of the participating companies. This includes, among other things:

    • bribery, corruption, breaches of competition and antitrust regulations, accounting fraud, fraud, breach of trust, breaches of business, and trade secrets
    • Violations of export control
    • Violations of environmental and occupational safety regulations
    • Violations of the data protection regulation
    • Violations of conflict minerals regulations
    • Crimes against persons
    • Crimes such as property crimes or industrial sabotage
    • Major breaches of employment regulation obligations
    • Major breaches of equality legislation
    • Crimes against sexual self-determination or racially motivated offenses


  • How can I submit a report?

    Dort stehen Ihnen folgende Meldewege zur Verfügung:

    • Telefonanruf zu den üblichen Geschäftszeiten unter Tel. +49 30 318 685 932. Sie können direkt mit einem der Anwälte sprechen.
    • Versenden einer E-Mail an die eigens dafür eingerichtete Adresse: Bitte schildern Sie Ihren Vorwurf möglichst genau und für externe Personen nachvollziehbar.
    • Nutzung eines anonymen Postfachs. Weitere Informationen dazu erhalten Sie auf der Homepage der Anwaltskanzlei FS-PP

    Grundsätzlich ist das Hinweisgebersystem so aufgebaut, dass alle Hinweise vertraulich behandelt werden und dem Hinweisgeber – wenn er dies wünscht – Anonymität zugesichert ist.

  • What happens after you submit a report?

    The external law firm FS-PP will review the report. If there is a reasonable suspicion for a major infringement of the law, then FS-PP will disclose this report with a legal evaluation to the responsible Compliance Committee of the participating companies. However, this disclosure shall only take place upon the express permission of the whistleblower.

    The submission of a report must be confirmed within seven days. The whistleblower must receive a response within three months regarding how the report is being handled.

    Should the report turn out to be true and there is a determination of a legal violation, this could lead to employment and/or criminal penalties for the affected persons.

  • For which locations is the whistleblower system being introduced?

    The whistleblower system was introduced for the following locations on Feb 1, 2021:

    • Plansee Holding AG
    • Plansee Group Service GmbH
    • Plansee SE in Reutte with sales offices and sales agencies in Europe: Sales Office Germany, Sales Office UK, Sales Office Italy, Sales Office Nordic
    • Plansee Nederland
    • Plansee Composite Materials GmbH
    • Plansee Powertech AG
    • Global Tungsten & Powders spol. s.r.o.
    • Tikomet Oy

Take a look at our whistleblower system data protection declaration here:

Whistleblower system data protection