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Strong sales, strong forest

In cooperation with the initiative Klimafitter Bergwald Tirol, Plansee supported the planting of 200 trees. In line with the motto "Trees instead of trophies", the trees represent outstanding achievements by teams or individual employees in the past year.

Until now, trophies made of wood were awarded for outstanding achievements at an internal company event by employees from Sales and Research & Development from all over the world. This year, the management honored its teams and employees with trees, which have now found their place in a protective forest at the Lake Plansee. 220 sales employees were invited to the event, as well as 40 colleagues from research and development. They learned new things about the many applications of Plansee products and how the properties of the materials can be used to meet the individual needs of customers with the help of high-tech technologies. In addition, the topic of sustainability was discussed, which not only concerns the Plansee Group, but also its customers. Plansee HPM is positioning itself as a development and innovation partner to help its customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Trees instead of trophies

"We are proud to be part of the planting campaign on the shores of Plansee for the protection forest," emphasizes Managing Director Ulrich Lausecker. "The action fits perfectly with the very ambitious goals we are pursuing as part of our sustainability strategy."

The goal of the initiative is to adapt Tyrolean mountain forests to the conditions of climate change in the long term. Within this framework, the aim is to convert uniform coniferous forests, which are suffering greatly from the changes, into species-rich mixed forests. Plansee HLW supports the reforestation with site-appropriate tree species as a sponsor. The young trees, fresh from the nursery, are also cared for by Klimafitter Bergwald for the first three years of their life cycle and protected from browsing by deer.

A perfect fit for our goals

"We are planting tree species that can root deeper, that are more heat-loving, that can also cope better with the changes as we can expect them in the future," explains Lisa Bischofer, who coordinated the campaign together with Kurt Ziegner from the Office of the Tyrolean Provincial Government, Dept. of Forest Organization. The planting of the five different climate-friendly deciduous and coniferous tree species was carried out by specialist staff from the machinery ring service, but the managing directors Ulrich Lausecker and Andreas Feichtinger, as well as Alexander Tautermann, Director Marketing and Sales Organization, did not miss the opportunity to take up the spade themselves for the Plansee forest.