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Plansee Liezen is the second Austrian production site of Plansee SE. As a center of expertise, Plansee Liezen manufactures products made of tantalum, tantalum-tungsten, and niobium. The wires, rods, and tubes produced there are either used directly by our customers or are further processed at our other sites to produce complex components.

Austria, Liezen

Plansee SE Werk Liezen

Werkstraße 148940 Liezen
Tel: +43 3612 239 33 0Fax: +43 3612 239 33 3923
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    Our products
    Tantalum-tungsten wires

    Wires made of pure tantalum and tantalum-tungsten alloys: The range of applications is varied, including the capacitor industry, pacemakers, the electronics industry, and furnace construction.



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