Enerzone. Unbeatable efficiency.

Less mass, better shielding and ceramic fiber insulation. That is the secret of our new low-energy hot zones. Enerzone not only consumes less energy but also provides even better performance along the way. The improved hot zone heats up faster, cools down more quickly and therefore guarantees shorter cycle times than its heavyweight colleagues.

Details Enerzone
Details Enerzone
Details Enerzone

Let us take a look at an all-metal hot zone measuring 600 mm x 600 mm x 900 mm (24”x24”x36”). Compared to a standard hot zone design, our energy-efficient low-mass construction provides the following advantages:

  • 15-20% weight reduction
  • 20 % reduction in heating times in empty furnace
  • energy savings of more than 20%
  • 15 % reduction in cooling times

Calculation of energy savings

The amount of energy the Enerzone can save you depends to a great extent on the size and operating time of your hot zone. Just enter the data and find out how much you can save:

Calculate energy savings

Your hot zone quotation.

You will find the detailed features of our Enerzone in the overview of all our equipment variants for hot zones. We would be delighted to advise you. Just tell us your requirements and we will draw up an individual estimate for your tailor-made hot zone. We guarantee that we will reply to you within 48 hours.

Electricity savings with the Enerzone. How it's done.

In the Enerzone, we use particularly lightweight bearing rails made from molybdenum alloys which are bended into a U-shape. These lie directly on the bolts and simply have to be cross-pinned – caps are no longer needed. And there is a welcome side effect. The new charge carriers are less susceptible to distortion and are much easier to replace than their heavyweight counterparts.

To save weight in the Enerzone, we have replaced pure molybdenum with the molybdenum alloys ML and TZM. The lightweight shielding panels and charge carriers made from ML and TZM are also rigid and nondeformable Plansee has also replaced stainless steel elements with molybdenum. Because: A single layer of molybdenum has the same shielding effect as five layers of steel.

Our engineers have also developed circumferential spacers. Combined with an external stainless steel support frame, these guarantee adequate stability even when thin panels are used. The Enerzone is equipped with special corner shielding elements to ensure that no energy escapes at critical gaps. Additional shielding discs also make sure that no energy is lost at the electrical ducts.

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