35 secondary school students are taking their lessons in our training workshop.

Learning in an industrial company rather than in the classroom. For another 16 fifth-year students at the Bundesrealgymnasium Reutte, Elementary Metalworking lessons are held in the Plansee training workshop.

For their fellow students in the sixth year, Elementary Metalworking lessons in the Plansee training workshop started a year earlier. The 35 students in total are taught in small groups in the afternoons. The syllabus for the fifth-year includes basic skills such as filing, cutting, bending and drilling. Girls and boys in the sixth-year learn such things as turning, milling, CNC machining and welding. Brigitte Jaindl, headteacher of the school, is delighted: "Thanks to this additional collaboration with Plansee, we have been able to close the craft workshop at our school to make room for a large technical drawing room." Plansee provides the students with work clothes, reference books, tools and materials. The lessons continue to be taught by members of Plansee's staff. Detlef Bartsch, Head of HR: "The aim of our involvement is to familiarize the students with the training and career opportunities offered by Plansee as early as possible."


Introductory event: As of now, 16 students in class 5T are taking their Elementary Metalworking lessons in Plansee's training workshop. From left to right: Plansee workshop tutor Christoph Falger, class teacher Manuel Sarapatka, headteacher Brigitte Jaindl, head of training at Plansee Josef Ostheimer, Plansee workshop tutor Bernd Mellitzer.