Advanced-Standard-Souurce for Exceed IHC 9600 offers 30% Longer Lifetime.

PLANSEE designs are made from high-performance metals, graphite, and ceramics and are available for most commercial ion implantation tools. Our most recent development is an extended life ion source for the Exceed IHC 9600 implantation system from Nissin.

Arc shorting and instability caused by flawed designs and inconsistent source rebuild are the most frequent reasons for premature replacement of the OEM-designed ion source. Although the standard source filament could have an expected service life of up to 400 hours, the ion source will need to be replaced, on average, after just 300 hours due to such flaws and inconsistencies.

Arc shorting can be caused by deposition of conductive material on the components surrounding the arc chamber. These deposits are created when dopant gas/vapor and etched or sputtered component materials escape from the arc chamber and condense on surrounding components. A direct arc short or instability occurs whenever a conductive bridge builds across an insulator. Even momentary instabilities within the system can disrupt the implant process until the source is ultimately replaced.

This issue inspired the PLANSEE ion implantation design team to develop the new Exceed IHC 9600 source. In it, the PLANSEE team has shielded and re-designed the insulation components of the arc chamber to match the expected service life of the filament. These improvements protect insulators and components from conductive deposits resulting in longer and more predictable source life and greater uptime of valuable equipment.

Complicated rebuild procedures also present challenges for engineers and technicians. The standard OEM-designed source has over 115 individual components; reassembly is a time-consuming and error-prone procedure. The PLANSEE Advanced Standard ion source has 33% fewer components making source reassembly easier and more reliable.

Mike Reilly, PLANSEE's Head of Product Development for semiconductor solutions, noted: “The impact of a stable arc and reliable rebuild on beam current and uniformity is considerable particularly when users are working at the limits of their equipment."

"In this case, PLANSEE staff were able to optimize source reliability for the Exceed IHC 9600 ion implanter without sacrificing any performance."

The new 9600 source design was proven in the first quarter of 2013 and is now running in high volume manufacturing at a top-tier IDM in Asia, replacing the OEM design.

Stephen Kampa, PLANSEE's Sales and Marketing Manager for Asia, added: "The service life of the Advanced Standard source has risen on average from 300 to 400 operating hours. The measures we have taken have an immediate pay off for our customers, because the ion source is the most cost-intensive component of an ion implantation system. The quick adoption of our design in the marketplace further demonstrates the value that the PLANSEE team can provide to our global customer base."



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