Article on MoNa sputtering targets published in "Thin Solid Films".

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) have worked together with PLANSEE and prepared a scientific article on molybdenum-sodium targets. The text has been published in the journal "Thin Solid Films".

Article on MoNa sputtering targets Under the leadership of Professor Tiwari, the laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics at Empa examined how to optimize the use of MoNa sputtering targets for the production of CIGS solar cells. MoNa back-contacts permit sodium doping in the CIGS absorber and consequently increase the performance of the cell. Deposited at relatively low deposition temperatures on stainless steel, the cells achieved an efficiency level of 14.4%. Our coating experts Dr. Christoph Adelhelm and Enrico Franzke took part in the research project.

Find out the detailed results of this research work: The full article can be downloaded from the Elsevier site here.

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Empa performs research in the fields of materials science and technology and works to provide the scientific basis necessary for sustainable developments. In 2011, Professor Tiwari and his team set the world record for CIGS cell efficiency on flexible substrates.

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