Best Supplier Award von Eaton.

On September 7 2012, Eaton singled out just eight of the company's more than 2500 suppliers to receive its "Best Supplier Award". Among them: Plansee China Ltd.

Eaton is a leading manufacture of electrical components and systems. Since 2004, Eaton has been using Plansee's copper-chromium contacts in its vacuum circuit breakers.

It can be taken as read that our switch contacts boast outstanding product properties. What really makes the difference, however, is the superb service that comes "made by PLANSEE". For example, we have fully aligned the production of our switch contact with Eaton's manufacturing requirements. As a result, we can supply switch contacts whenever Eaton needs them. Thanks to our efficient production methods, we are able to offer our products at attractive prices. In collaboration with Eaton, we are constantly working on improving our switch contacts and developing new technologies. That is just how partnerships should work. And that is also what Eaton thinks and why we are delighted to be designated "Best Supplier".

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