Cooperation with the TUfast Racing Team

The Plansee Group supports the TUfast Racing team from the Technical University of Munich and produces various components for the gasoline-powered race car.

TUfast is an organization of students that take up the challenge of developing, designing, and building two new formula student race car with an electric (ECO Team) and combustion powertrain (Racing Team). For a powerful racing car they needed some sponsors. The Plansee Group supports the Racing Team with various components made of high-strength aluminum.

The R&D team of Plansee HPM and the apprentices of the Plansee Group have developed in close collaboration components for the aerodynamics, the chassis and the car’s engine. These components consist of parts for the DRS wing, rear-wheel steering or parts for the adjustable manifold injection with extremely tight tolerances.
On May 9th the Students presented their race cars to the public and sponsors in Munich as a way to kick off this year’s race season. The team will have the chance to race in Barcelona, Hockenheim, Silverstone and Spielberg during the summer months.
Further informations about the TUfast Racing Team.