David Lang receives Grand Prize of Excellence

David Lang is a PhD student at the University of Leoben and has worked closely with Plansee for many years during his research. Together with his co-authors, he was awarded the Grand Prize of Excellence in Metallography during the international powder metallurgy conference Powdermet 2015 for the paper "Evolution of Strain-Induced Precipitates in a Molybdenum Base Mo-Hf-C Alloy".

Happy recipients of the Grand Prize of Excellence in Metallography:
David Lang with his supervisors at Plansee. Dr. Wolfram Knabl (left) and Dr. Jürgen Schatte (right).

The research focuses on Plansee's material MHC, which is used for manufacturing such things as particularly durable extrusion dies.
The award was granted by the American Powder Metallurgy Institute (APMI).

What convinced the jury? The fact that Mr. Lang managed to investigate the complex precipitation behavior in this high-temperature material by the use of complementary metallographic methods.

Dr. Jürgen Schatte, one of the developers at Plansee explains why MHC is such an interesting material for research: "The material is more resistant to thermal and mechanical stresses than the widely used molybdenum alloy TZM. In order to adjust the mechanical properties of MHC precisely, we need a detailed understanding of the complex processes that happen during forming and annealing. And this demands the use of cutting-edge analysis methods. Together with David Lang, we are investigating these processes very closely."

David Lang has also published his findings in the proceedings of the Powdermet 2015 conference, which was held in San Diego, USA.