Densimet® tungsten alloy

The tungsten alloy Densimet® reliably shields against X-rays and gamma radiation. With its new production process and great expertise in the materials field, Plansee has made the manufacture of Densimet® shielding components particularly cost-effective.

Whether in the world of medical or industrial X-ray technology, radiotherapy or nuclear power stations: Wherever high-energy radiation is used, it is vital to protect people against it.

The denser the material, the better able it is to protect from radiation. That is why heavy elements absorb X-rays and gamma radiation particularly well.

Lead is still the most frequently used shielding material. Because it is a very soft material, it is mostly used only in combination with support structures made of steel. Lead is a toxic material that is harmful to the environment and humans. The onerous recycling process makes lead expensive despite the low initial procurement costs. Many enterprises are therefore looking for a suitable alternative for providing reliable radiation protection.

Densimet® combines shielding properties with excellent machinability


Isotope container made of Densimet®
The density of tungsten is 60 percent higher than that of lead. That is why even thinner layers of tungsten are able to provide reliable shielding against radiation. The tungsten alloy Densimet® is particularly suitable as a shielding material. It consists of tungsten and a small proportion of nickel-iron. Like tungsten, the material has excellent shielding properties. However, it is also considerably more ductile than tungsten and can therefore be machined better.