Densimet<sup>®</sup> tungsten heavy metal alloys now available online.

As of today, Plansee Express will provide even more density with the addition of: Densimet® D176, D185ND and D2M. In the leading online shop for semi-finished high-melting metals, tungsten heavy alloys are now also available.

Besides metal sheets, rods, wires and finished products made of molybdenum, tungsten and tantalum, now also Densimet® rods are available directly from stock at .

Densimet® is a tungsten heavy alloy with a tungsten content of more than 90% and is used in all applications where a material with especially high density is required. Thanks to the nickel-iron-binder phase, Densimet® is significantly more machinable than pure tungsten.

The high-performance material Densimet® is particularly suitable for the production of balancing weights in mechanical engineering and automotive applications, as well as shielding material against X-rays and gamma rays. Due to the high modulus of elasticity, Densimet® tool holders and boring bars are used for the low-vibration machining of resilient materials.

In the Plansee Online Shop you can find Densimet® rods ranging in diameters from 3 mm to 110 mm. Ordered items are shipped to the customer within 48 hours. Come and see for yourself!