Digital Days 2019: Enthusiastic participants present their projects

Successful chain reaction: Red balloon bursts a planned

At least 50 parents, relatives and friends were present: At the closing event of the Plansee Digital Days, 20 school students showed what they had learned during their week-long journey into the digital world. The highlight of the presentation was the "chain reaction", with its sensors, cameras and catapults.

The varied summer vacation program not only offered entertainment; it also sparked an interest in the digital and technical worlds. At five different stations, the boys and girls confidently presented what they had learned during the week: The programming of a Lego robot, the construction of a pneumatic/hydraulic lifting platform and the development of an app, with great care being taken to make it as user-friendly as possible. And there was plenty of time to try everything out: The participants safely maneuvered a (virtual) quadcopter through the air using voice-controlled goggles. An encoded T-shirt provided a glimpse inside the body and its various functions. And with the help of an app, people were able to marvel at their favorite sports car from all angles and in all its variants on the teacher's desk.

"Digitalization is changing things not only for private people, but also for companies like Plansee. Whether it be in sales, production or administration, Plansee has committed itself to digitalization," said Ulrich Lausecker, Managing Director of Plansee, at the closing presentation. He added that the Digital Days and the two new apprenticeship paths of application developer and information technologist were just two of the building blocks in the long-term development of the specialists needed for digital change.

The "chain reaction" had been eagerly anticipated by the guests: With hours of careful work, the participants had set up a giant network of cascading dominoes including sensors and cameras. Even if a little assistance had to be provided here and there, the red balloon ultimately burst with a loud bang at the end of the course.

The Digital Days are aimed at 12 to 14-year-olds at all schools in the Außerfern region. The vacation program will be free of charge to all selected participants. For more information, visit

The program has been developed by the Technical University of Munich / UnternehmerTUM MakerSpace and has already been trialled with young people in a large number of workshops.