EICC certification for tantalum

We do not source any of our materials from regions afflicted by conflict. The fact that we only use tantalum raw materials from ethically unimpeachable sources is now officially confirmed by EICC certification.

Sustainability is a constant watchword in our purchasing policy. The requirement for socially and ecologically responsible procurement is set out in our Code of Conduct. Adherence to our strict purchasing guidelines ensures that no materials are sourced from regions of conflict.

The fact that we only use tantalum raw materials from ethically unimpeachable sources is now attested by certification from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). This certification covers all the preproduction areas involved in materials manufacture.

This audit conducted as part of the "Conflict-Free Smelter" program, a joint undertaking promoted by the EICC and Global E-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), is a voluntary obligation adopted by Plansee and an important signal to the electronics industry. For both the company and its suppliers, it represents an independent confirmation that at no stage in their activities are materials sourced from regions of conflict. This is important because in such areas the materials are mined under degrading conditions and their exploitation contributes to the financing of armed conflicts.

"Conflict-free" tantalum is an important raw material for Plansee. We primarily use tantalum in products for the electronics industry, the chemical industry and for applications in the field of medical technology. Tantalum capacitors are a crucial component in the field of consumer electronics as well as in modern communications products such as cell phones.
A number of renowned electronics groups and their suppliers are members of the "Conflict-Free Smelter" program. The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition ( http://www.eicc.info/) is an independent organization that works together with the Global Sustainability Initiative GeSI(http://www.gesi.org/) to help enterprises achieve greater transparency in their raw materials procurement and adopt uniform industry standards for ethical business practices.