Fast ions and hot processes: experts from the semicon industry meet at Plansee.

The opportunity for users to report on their experiences provides an impetus for fresh ideas in the semiconductor industry. In September, practitioners, researchers, system manufacturers and suppliers met together at Plansee in Reutte, Austria.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) controls a number of working groups. The Ion Implantation working group has been in existence since 1987. The Hot Processes working group has been active for 15 years. At the end of September, we hosted a meeting of both these groups in Reutte. The presentations delivered by experts from research and industry covered topics as varied as different hot processes and radiation shielding in ion implantation. Plansee rounded off the wide-ranging program with a tour of the production facilities for refractory metals.


We feel that it is crucially important for us to maintain a close dialog with our customers and other experts in the semiconductor industry. We have been members of the Ion Implantation working group for many years now. And this is hardly surprising, since more than a hundred of our components can be found in the beam line of an ion implanter system. We aim to make manufacturing processes more efficient and less expensive with the help of our materials, so we listen very carefully when system operators and research institutes come together in the working groups to talk about the challenges they face. It is often simply a question of a more suitable material or a slight change in shape that allows us to help customers save time and money.


Our experts for the semiconductor industry gave insights into the company and products of Plansee (from left to right):

Peter Aldrian started with an overview of the company.
Dr. Thomas Werninghaus informed about the Advanced-Standard-Products for ion implantation.
Harald Selb talked about components for MOCVD und metalic wafers for the LED production.

Find out more about our products for ion implantation and about the working groups of the Fraunhofer IISB.