From concrete to strong metal.

Every year, the international engineering consulting company Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT awards its Innovation Award for outstanding achievements in the engineering sciences. This award was recently conferred on our employee Dr. Bernhard Valentini.

In his thesis Dr. Bernhard Valentini developed a model to calculate the mechanical behavior of concrete further. His most valuable tool: Numerical simulation using the finite element method. Also at Plansee, Bernhard Valentini has been working with this method for the last year. Except for us, he does not focus on concrete but on refractory metals. And even though concrete behaves differently from molybdenum and tungsten, the analyses are based on the same mathematical approaches.

At Plansee, Bernhard Valentini analyzes what happens to our components during operation. For example, the X-ray targets used in X-ray equipment: During operation, these reach temperatures of up to 2,000 °C. Using numerical simulation, Bernhard Valentini is able to discover how the target might become deformed and how the stresses and temperatures are distributed through the component.