Fundamental analysis of the influence of powder characteristics in selective laser melting of molybdenum based on a multi-physical simulation model

Selective Laser Melting (SLM) offers great potential for the processing of molybdenum as it allows the production of parts that can hardly be fabricated in a classical way.

Selective Laser Melting of metal powder

Additive manufactured lattice structures out of molybdenum


The workpiece is built up by melting up powder layer by layer. Besides the applied laser parameters, the characteristics of the powder and the deposited powder layer have a crucial influence on the dynamics of the process and the final processing result. In order to get a fundamental understanding of these influences, numerical simulations are a versatile tool as they allow a detailed look on isolated parameters.

At the 19th Plansee Seminar Karl-Heinz Leitz presented a coupled thermo-fluid dynamical simulation model for SLM, applied for a fundamental analysis of the influence of powder characteristics in SLM of molybdenum. The results allow a deeper insight into the influences of powder particle size and powder particle arrangement on the SLM process and the formation of the molten track.

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