Hard Coating Seminar in China

At the end of November the Plansee Hard Coating Technical Seminar took place in Shanghai, China.

Andreas Feichtinger, Vice President and Head of Business Unit Coating said that the seminar was a full success: “More than 50 customers participated and exchanged the latest news of the hard coating field.” Also our material specialist Peter Polcik and Szilard Kolozsvari from Plansee Composite Materials in Lechbruck were attending. They presented various reports about hard coating target materials, technology and production.

Richard Cheng, General Manager of Plansee China pointed out, that the Chinese market has become more and more important for the hard coating business. Therefore, the hard coating team in China is doing its best to create further opportunities in this market.

Plansee offers targets made of numerous ceramic and metallic composite materials such as titanium aluminum (TiAl), aluminum-chromium (AlCr), titanium-silicon (TiSi), titanium-diboride (TiB2) or binder-free tungsten Carbide.