Hot products, easy choice - the new hot zone concepts from Plansee

All-metal hot zones from Plansee are used at high temperatures of over 1,000 °C / 1,832 °F. Three newly developed equipment packages cover the very differing requirements of plant operators. An online configurator gives potential buyers immediate access to prices, energy consumption values and equipment features.

In a furnace, the hot zone is crucial for the temperature distribution, the cleanliness of operations and the energy consumption of high-temperature processes. That is why, at Plansee, a separate engineering team is fully dedicated to designing this type of hot zone. Plansee does not support the "one-size-fits-all" approach and has developed three equipment packages that are specifically designed to meet differing customer requirements: "Basic", "Premium" and "Enerzone". Many decades of experience have contributed to the development of the three packages.

"Our engineers have listened very carefully to the customers – leading furnace manufacturers as well as end users – and have taken into account all of their requirements in the new hot zones. Every nozzle, shield and shielding layer has already proved its value in practice," says Dr. Bernd Kleinpass, who is responsible for the Thermal Processes Market Unit at Plansee.

Thanks to state-of-the-art simulation procedures, it is possible to test how the hot zones will function during live operation even before they are used in production. This Plansee service is of vital importance for customers whose processes push their hot zones to their very limits.


Basic for standard solutions, Enerzone for high-tech applications

In the "Basic" hot zone package, the main materials are pure molybdenum and steel. This package is designed for moderate application conditions and frequency of use. In short: good performance at an excellent price.

The "Premium" hot zone includes various design features and a number of material alloys that permit a particularly long service life and dimensional stability. Even after a very large number of cycles and at very high temperatures, there is no deformation or cracking evident even after a long period of operation. The temperature distribution is particularly uniform.

And for customers who place the most exacting demands on their furnaces, Plansee recommends the "Enerzone". This excels through its long-term durability and offers unrivaled energy-efficiency thanks to its many additional layers of shielding and lightweight construction. In the case of extreme furnace use, the energy cost-savings can be seen very quickly. "The same applies to hot zones as it does to cars: The right equipment depends on the way you want to use it. 'Basic' is the hot zone for the daily drive to work and 'Enerzone' is the sports car for the highest performance," laughs Kleinpass.

To help you discover quickly and easily which hot zone is right for you, Plansee presents its range of solutions on the Internet at Here, prospective buyers will find not only an overview of all the equipment alternatives but also prices and an energy savings calculator. Plansee hot zones are available for new systems or as replacement units. Please contact either Plansee directly or your original equipment manufacturer for additional information.