Information on our tungsten supply chain.

In light of recent reports suggesting that the integrity of our tungsten supply chain may have been compromised, we would like to share with you proactively our initial thoughts and findings.

One of our suppliers of tungsten, Global Tungsten & Powders Corp. (GTP), a division of Plansee Group, received information alleging that tungsten may have been mined illegally in Columbia. These reports contradict GTP’s understanding of the purchases and information made available to GTP. Following receipt of these reports, GTP immediately suspended all purchases from Colombia and engaged an international due diligence consultancy group to conduct further assessments. Please also read the GTP press release.

We assure you that both GTP and Plansee High Performance Materials (HPM) are taking this matter very seriously and that responsible sourcing is a fundamental value shared by all in our organization. Upon completion of the investigation,we will immediately share with you our findings.

Molybdenum and Tantalum sourced by Plansee HPM are in no way compromised by the above mentioned situation.

We remain committed to responsible sourcing and to working with our customers as a leader in the industry. Please find further details of our certifications and commitments.