Innovative charge carrier for a hot isostatic press from Quintus.

Reliability and innovation are the hallmarks of systems from Quintus. Each and every component has to deliver high performance and a long service life, particularly in the face of increasingly demanding operating conditions, such as those found in hot isostatic presses (HIPs): In order to increase productivity, operators are striving to maximize the loads they handle in their systems. New processes often run at very high operating temperatures. And the entire system must be designed to cope with such conditions. At gas pressures of up to 2000 bar in the pressure vessel, there is pretty well no room for tolerances. Time and again, Quintus have pushed the boundaries of technical feasibility for their customers, developing systems that deliver a genuine competitive edge. When it comes to system components made from refractory metals, Quintus have for many years put their faith in Plansee as a reliable partner.

One example: Plansee recently designed a special charge support for a new Quintus HIP system. Although this component appears to be relatively straightforward, the operating conditions meant that its design was a real challenge: The customer wanted a support that would have a long service life and would be capable of bearing up to 25 tonnes at operating temperatures of 1400 °C.

One thing was clear from the start: The charge supports that were available on the market were unable to bear such loads. And even Plansee had never made a charge support to meet these requirements. Commissioned by Quintus, the designers at Plansee developed an entirely new charge support concept, based partly on the use of a variety of ultra-high-strength molybdenum alloys.

Nowadays, despite the wealth of knowledge possessed by the materials scientists at Plansee, a project of this kind is inconceivable without the involvement of the company's FEM team. Using a number of different modeling and simulation techniques and precise thermo-mechanical calculations, Plansee is able to predict the limits of components under different operating conditions and investigate different solutions to the problem.

Once again, Quintus has successfully teamed up with Plansee to push the limits of feasibility.

"A plant manufacturer like Quintus, who is in the business of implementing bold projects that drive HIP technology forwards, needs suppliers who are willing and able to tread new paths," explains Dr. Bernd Kleinpaß, head of the Thermal Processes market unit at Plansee. "Our innovative strengths, coupled with the enthusiasm of the staff involved, are crucial factors in realizing such ideas. Not only that: We have the production capabilities and capacity that are needed."