Lower LED manufacturing costs.

Manufacturers and suppliers of LEDs will be meeting at LED Lighting in Taipei from 18th to 20th June. Visitors are excited at the prospect of developments that will help reduce manufacturing costs.

Tungsten crucible during the crystal growth process Not until the prices of LED lights fall will they become a viable mass market product. Plansee components made from tungsten or molybdenum are used in very many of the production steps. They are particularly valuable whenever high temperatures are involved. One focal point of the trade fair will be sapphire growth, the first stage in the value-added chain.

Sapphire is grown at temperatures of over 2,000 °C in tungsten or molybdenum crucibles. Important success factors include temperature control, the purity of the sapphire melt and the ability to gain the longest possible service life from the employed tools.

What do Plansee products contribute to the efficiency of the sapphire growing process?



  • Plansee's pressed-sintered crucibles are manufactured from outstandingly pure, dense material. They do not permit any contamination of the sapphire melt and support the employed process temperatures ideally. One innovation consists of crucibles with an ultra-smooth surface. These simplify the task of growing the sapphire, are less susceptible to damage and can offer a longer service life.
  • A rod heater manufactured from WVM will be presented at the trade fair for the first time. This new tungsten alloy, which has a very low potassium content, is extremely creep-resistant. Heaters made from WVM retain their shape for at least twice as long as those manufactured from pure tungsten.
  • Thanks to its high dimensional stability, WVM is also the ideal material for shield packs for hot zones. In addition to individual components, Plansee can also supply you with complete hot zones for high-temperature furnaces. These are developed to meet the customer's specific requirements and ensure reliable temperature build-up with minimum heat loss.

Our experts will be delighted to inform you in more detail!
Visit us at LED Lighting, Taiwan 2013:

18th-20th June
Taipei, TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall
Booth # L602

Plansee's products are not only used for sapphire growth. We will also be presenting many other solutions for LED manufacture at the trade fair: Components and heating elements for MOCVD reactors, evaporation boats for coating materials, wafers for LED semiconductors and phosphor from our affiliate GTP.