MOCVD: Why heating elements from Plansee do not need to get so hot

Our new heating element designs and patented coatings allow us to help increase service life and improve productivity in the MOCVD process.

MOCVD is an epitaxial process for creating crystalline semiconductor layers for LEDs, solar cells and other opto-electronic components. MOCVD stands for metal organic chemical vapor phase deposition.
The heating elements in an MOCVD system are heated to 2000 degrees. Such high temperatures mean that our high-performance materials molybdenum and tungsten are indispensable for the various shield packs, gas manifolds and heating elements. In all, Plansee supplies more than 50 different components for MOCVD. We are not only an established original equipment manufacturer for MOCVD systems, but are also active in the spare parts market. And our improved technical designs and patented coatings mean that our products are far more than just spares for our customers:

New designs for homogeneous temperature distribution
The semiconductor layers in an LED should, as far as possible, emit light of the same wavelength. One important prerequisite for this is a homogeneous temperature distribution in the MOCVD system. Any discrepancy in the temperature profile will subsequently lead to a change in the color of the emitted light. Our engineers carry out complex finite element calculations to simulate the MOCVD process in each of the systems and optimize the design of our heating components. The new components deliver a more homogeneous temperature throughout the reactor. The customer benefits from a greater yield from each coating cycle and thus from increased productivity.

Patented coatings lead to cost savings
The more efficiently the heating elements can radiate heat, the less they need to be heated up. Plansee has developed a patented coating process to maximize heat radiation. The tungsten-based coating is very porous, which greatly increases the surface area of the heating elements. And the emissivity of the surface increases as a result. The benefit for the customer: The lower working temperature extends the service life of the heating elements by several months. This in turn reduces the cost of manufacturing LEDs.

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