Molybdenum crucibles: Reacting quickly to dynamic markets.

Our employees submit their most exciting projects for the Plansee Innovation Award. But at the end of each year, there can only be one winning team:

Experts for molybdenum crucibles win Innovation Award In 2012, our experts for crucibles used to grow single crystals received the Innovation Award. Personnel from the production, sales and development departments showed that they were able to react very swiftly to new market requirements and set up series production operations for formed molybdenum crucibles.

Sapphire is needed in order to manufacture LED lamps. This material is produced using a variety of single crystal growth methods in which sapphire crystals are melted in crucibles made of molybdenum or tungsten.

To meet the high levels of demand from the LED industry, our team of crucible specialists redesigned the manufacturing chain for formed crucibles for our customer GT Advanced Technologies within a very short space of time. Our employees subjected every stage of crucible production to a thorough examination and have come up with an outstandingly efficient process for the manufacture of this product. It was in recognition of this achievement that Matthias Gollner accepted this year's Innovation Award on behalf of the entire team.

There is a good reason why our molybdenum crucibles are in such demand. It is not easy to form molybdenum and the associated tasks demand in-depth knowledge of how to handle the material and set up the machines. The fact that we possess the necessary experience can be seen in the particularly high quality of our products: "The outstanding purity of our material prevents the single crystal from becoming contaminated," explains Heike Larcher, Plansee application group manager for Single Crystal Growing.

"We produce the input material for our crucibles in our own hot rolling mill - the world's largest hot rolling mill for refractory metals. This is where we manufacture the world's largest molybdenum and tungsten sheets which will enable us to continue producing very large dimensions and even greater quantities in the future," continues Larcher.

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