New materials for displays

Plansee is keeping on the ball in the flat panel display industry with new materials developed especially for their customers. This is something that came out clearly at the latest Plansee Networking Forum. Researchers from a variety of disciplines presented the latest technology used in developing new sputtering targets for the display industry.

Topics included the assessment and development of new powder metallurgical manufacturing processes, the development of new materials for displays in mobile or automotive applications and the challenges posed by entirely new generations of displays such as foldable or rollable displays. Ramp-up management was another focal point of the forum. Material innovations have to come online quickly and in sufficient quantity in order to meet the demands of global markets.

"We help our customers to differentiate themselves from the competition – with thin-film materials that are easier or more cost-efficient to process or that open up new applications," says Dr. Jörg Winkler, head of development at Plansee.
When developing its materials, Plansee makes good use of a high-class network of renowned research and development institutions. In Austria alone, these include the Montan University in Leoben, Graz University of Technology, the Johannes Kepler University in Linz and the University of Innsbruck. This kind of cooperation with leading researchers can significantly boost the efficiency of development.


The results of these collaborations can be found in a large number of scientific publications:

Molybdenum films for flexible displays:
Ramp-up management:
Oxidation-resistant MoTa alloy:
Reactive deposition of molybdenum oxide films: