New production hall: More space for Plansee Composite Materials.

December 6 saw the opening of a new production hall at our Lechbruck (Germany) production site. This will allow us to meet the high demand for high-precision components for medical technology.

Plansee Composite Materials' customers consist of leading medical device manufacturers that construct radiation equipment for cancer therapy. Our components help them ensure the precise delivery of radiation to diseased tissue. "Our customers rely on the ability of our materials to guide the radiation and provide the necessary shielding," explains Dr. Robert Riedl, Managing Director of Plansee Composite Materials.

With this new construction, which covers 1,000 square meters, our production site has created more space for high-precision processing equipment. From pressing to machining and on to customer-specific component assembly, all production steps can now be performed in-house. This guarantees the best possible quality with minimum manufacturing tolerances. According to Riedl, "the substantial investments made in the continued development of our production technologies have a single aim in common: to meet the extremely exacting demands relating to the safe operation of medical equipment – in order to protect patients and medical staff alike."

About Plansee Composite Materials


Plansee Composite Materials, based in Lechbruck (Germany), is our center of expertise for tungsten alloyed materials as well as for metallic and ceramic composite materials. The site also produces sputtering targets for the coating industry, collimators for medical technology applications and balancing weights for the automotive industry. A team of specialist employees, engineers and materials scientists cooperates closely with customers from all parts of the world to develop and manufacture a range of powder metallurgical components. Find out more about Plansee Composite Materials .