Open house of the Plansee Group's apprenticeship.

Leaving school soon? Learn about the start for professional technical trainings in September 2014.

Apprentice at Plansee Group On the 23rd of November pupils and parents are invited to visit the apprenticeship workshop at the Plansee Group. That Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm you learn about the different professions the Plansee Group offers training for at its headquarters in Austria. Admission criteria for the start of trainings in 2014 are given. You can have a close look at the workshop and you can watch experiments from the working life of a material technician as well as of a laboratory technician.

A new profession the Plansee Group offers training for is "production technician". Just for this job training we search for eleven apprentices. „This job is tailor-made for young people who have strong interest in technical issues, in the operation and maintenance of huge machinery", says Josef Ostheimer, head of training facilities of the Plansee Group in Austria. Production technicians also need to have a talent to organize and should be able to have an eye for process optimization.

The highlight: With a joystick you can control how fiery, heavy sheets of our metals with a weight up to 900 kilograms are processed in the rolling mill. Tasks like this are part of the daily work for an experienced production technician.
For next September we are looking for 32 candidates for the professions production technician, laboratory technician, material technician, and metal technicians for metal cutting and mechanical engineering.

So get started: Join our open house and send your application until 28th of February 2014 latest. Please be aware that you have to be fluent in German. Get more information.

We wish you success!