Opening of the world’s largest conference on powder metallurgically produced materials.

The 18th Plansee Seminar has opened today. Over 500 researchers and users from more than 30 countries will share insights into the future of manufacturing and unpublished research results.

The world’s largest conference on powder metallurgically produced materials is opened Bernhard Schretter, a member of the Plansee Group’s management board, welcomed delegates and declared the seminar open. He said that unlike many other areas of industry, which were still beset by uncertainty, the mood in the powder metallurgy sector was one of cautious optimism. There was strong demand for high-tech materials such as wolfram, molybdenum and hard materials for “megatrend applications” such as environmental technology, alternative energy, lighting systems, healthcare, entertainment and communications. Many of the materials used in these applications will be presented at the seminar.

The opening presentation was given by author and professor of management, Hermann Simon, who dis-cussed the challenges facing innovators and busi-ness leaders in a globalized world. Dr Dimitry Shashkov of HC Starck in the USA, and Prof Suzanne Norgren, from Sandvik in Sweden, dis-cussed global trends in refractory metals and hard materials. Recycling guru Prof Diran Apelian, of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA examined the sustainable recycling of high-melting metals. The Reutte Symphony Orchestra pro-vided a musical backdrop to the opening event.

The Plansee Seminar


This ist the 18th Plansee Seminar. Launched in 1952 by Dr Paul Schwarzkopf, it has become an established forum for the world’s leading powder metallurgists in science and industry, who share their latest insights into technology, materials and applications in this high-tech sector.

The seminar is also a major opportunity to hear about the latest unpublished research results, and delegates appreciate its high scientific standards and the ability to share their knowledge and experience. The seminar is organized and supported by the Plansee Group.