Our longest sputtering targets to date

Plansee sputtering targets are now available in even longer sizes: in glass formats of Gen 10.5 and Gen 11. Our sputtering targets are a huge 3.4 meters in length and can, of course, be supplied across the globe in the quality you have come to expect from Plansee.

On the left, a Gen 8.5 target and on the right, a Gen 11 target

The demands on sputtering targets are continously increasing. They have to be ultra-pure since even the tiniest contaminant in the thin-film material will cause considerable damage. The reason is that metallic and gaseous impurities in the sputtering target are reproduced almost 1:1 in the sputtered functional layer and result in particle formation during the PVD process (arcing effect). At the same time, ever larger surface areas are being coated, resulting in a trend towards ever larger sputtering targets. Plansee is one of the first vendors to offer Gen 10.5 and Gen 11 targets made from pure molybdenum. So what does this mean? At 3.4 meters, our targets are even longer than before.

"We attach great importance to constantly expanding our product portfolio. In addition to custom solutions, we supply sputtering targets in all common sizes and in a wide variety of materials. And, of course, 3.4-meter, pure molybdenum targets are part of that range," explains Harald Selb, Head of the Display & Solar market unit.

The XL targets are of the usual Plansee quality. Selb: "We guarantee that even our longest targets to date have a purity of 99.97 %. Typically, the material is even purer than that. Furthermore, our targets have a consistant density over their entire length. Special forming processes ensure that Plansee targets have a density of almost 100 %. Our customers benefit from uniform deposition rates and homogeneous molybdenum coatings."

single source for all your needs
Plansee is the only sputtering target manufacturer to cover all production steps in-house: From raw material to end product, i.e. from powder to local bonding in one of Plansee's Asian bonding shops. Seamless production, close cooperation with customers and the development of custom solutions are the hallmarks of our service.

Do you want to find out more? Contact Harald Selb: harald.selb(at)plansee.com.