Plansee at EUMICON.

Sourcing, processing and recycling of tungsten: These were the subjects covered by Managing Director of Plansee, Dr. Wolfgang Köck, in his presentation at the EUMICON raw materials conference in Leoben, Austria.

Dr Koeck at EUMICON in Leoben Köck showed the steps taken by the Plansee Group over the past years to ensure the long-term, sustainable supply of tungsten:

  • acquisition of GTP (Global Tungsten Powders)
  • long-term supply agreements with tungsten mines in the Western world
  • expansion of production capacity for tungsten (carbide) powder
  • recycling of tungsten

It requires far less energy to recycle tungsten than to manufacture tungsten powder from the raw material. Köck concluded: "By procuring, processing and recycling the valuable resource tungsten responsibly we are making an active contribution to the sparing use of raw materials and to a sustainable economy."

The Plansee Group is one of the sponsors of Eumicon 2012. The conference was a highlight of the Leobener Bergmannstag or Leoben Miners' Congress, which takes place every 25 years and underscores the importance of the mineral resources industry.