Plansee at the power electronics industry hot spot

The leading actors in the power electronics industry will be gathering at the PCIM (Power Conversion Intelligent Motion) between 14th and 16th May 2013.

We will be present there to showcase our expertise in the thermal management field and demonstrate how heat sinks made from molybdenum and tungsten can dissipate heat in semiconductors. What does that mean in practice? More power, longer service lives and lower costs.

IGBT modules, RF packages, LED chips, semiconductor diodes, transistors and thyristors are all examples of semiconductor-based components. They control the behavior of electrical assemblies in trains, vehicles, wind turbines, cell phone transmitter stations, computers, LED lighting and other electronic systems. These semiconductors must meet high performance standards and it is vital to ensure they do not fail. To prevent any damage due to overheating, the semiconductors are mounted on a heat sink or dissipator.

Plansee materials such as molybdenum and tungsten possess exactly the right characteristics: the greatest possible thermal conductivity and a low, adjustable level of thermal expansion.

Plansee manufactures both semi-finished products and ready-to-use heat spreaders, heat sinks and base plates made from tungsten, molybdenum, molybdenum-copper (MoCu), tungsten-copper (WCu) and molybdenum-copper laminates. Special coatings protect the heat sinks against corrosion and improve the solder connection to the semiconductor. We also supply composite materials based on molybdenum, tungsten and copper for applications with particularly demanding thermal conductivity requirements. Their composition is perfectly adjusted to the employed semiconductor material.

Plansee base plates play a crucial role in ensuring that semiconductor components function reliably and provide extremely long service lives. Ever increasing power densities and the trend toward miniaturization are up-and-coming issues that are creating new challenges in the thermal management field.

Find out about our ideas for the semiconductors of the future at the PCIM:

Hall 7, Booth 7-367

We're looking forward to your visit!

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