Plansee at the Semicon West 2013.

Anyone can produce exact copies, but our spare parts for ion implanters are more than just that. We will be presenting many of our cost-saving "Plansee Advanced Standard" graphite, refractory metal and ceramic products at Semicon West.

Plansee will be presenting its efficient alternative at Semicon West. All along the beam line there is plenty of potential for increasing the lifetime of consumables and simplifying their installation and replacement. Our range includes spare parts for all common systems that will save both time and money. One of the highlights this year is the Ideal Extraction. Improved design and modified material properties allow it to almost completely eliminate the "glitching effect". This is arcing, caused by residual gas in the extraction assembly, which adversely affects acceleration of the ions.

See you at the Semicon West.


Find out more about improved spare parts, from the shaftless cathode in the ion source to optimized designs and materials in mass resolution. Ideally, come and meet our ion implantation team in person at Semicon West 2013 in San Francisco between 9th and 11th July 2013. You find us at booth no. 623 in the South Hall.

You won't be able to be there? That's not a problem. Click and find further information and the people to contact.