Plansee Express: Now purchase furnace parts online.

It’s getting hot at Plansee Express! The leading online shop for refractory metals such as molybdenum and tungsten is now also offering finished parts for high-temperature furnaces.

In addition to plate, rod, wire and welding electrodes, molybdenum, TZM and tungsten threaded rods, pins, tube, rivets, washers and nuts are now available at for high-temperature furnace applications.

These materials are used in applications where conventional metals reach their limits and are no longer options. With their durability and dimensional stability, they maintain their reliability under extreme high-heat conditions and also when frequent cycling occurs.

For the first time, ceramic insulators and tubes can also be ordered from Plansee Express. These products are available directly from stock and with rapid delivery.

The Plansee online shop is open world-wide, and is constantly adding new product groups and materials to its online assortment. Keep visiting us to stay up-to-date.

Besides standard products, Plansee of course develops and manufactures tailored components for high temperature furnaces - like metallic hot zones and heating elements, shieldings, crucibles, as well as annealing and sintering boats.
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