Plansee is expanding its product range in the online shop

Available with just one click: customers can now order SPARKAL® EDM electrodes, which are used in spark erosion, fast and easy online.

Spark erosion (EDM) techniques can be used to machine even extremely hard materials such as hardened steel, titanium and hard metals. The flow of sparks detaches small particles from the workpiece and can be controlled precisely to give it the required geometry and surface. For these special requirements, Plansee has developed WCu materials with special properties – the SPARKAL® eroding electrodes. They are characterised by low wear, optimum contour sharpness, good machinability and very high efficiency. Furthermore they improve environmental and working conditions when machining steel and hard metals, as no additional equipment is required to keep the air clean.

More than 60 different versions of SPARKAL® EDM electrodes are now available in the Plansee Online Shop. This is a further successful step towards the continuation of digitization to further improve customer service.

Further information on the advantages of SPARKAL® eroding electrodes HERE.