Practical guide to vacuum and thin-film technology.

In November, the East Bavarian Institute for Technology Transfer will be conducting the user forum "Vacuum and Thin-film Technology". Dr. Jörg Winkler from Plansee will address the question of sputtering targets for thin-film technology.

The seminar will be held in Regensburg / Germany, on 13th and 14th November 2013. It will focus primarily on the key methods, systems and components used in the operation of vacuum and thin-film equipment. In carefully selected specialist presentations, experts from the worlds of industry and science will inform listeners about the function and operation of vacuum pumps, measuring systems, power supply units and a variety of thin-film processes. A range of vacuum components, vacuum parts and thin film materials will also be discussed.

The field of thin film materials is naturally a topic close to our hearts: Because Plansee is one of the leading suppliers of sputtering targets manufactured using powder metallurgy . Dr. Jörg Winkler is head of development for these thin film materials for use in the display and solar industries. In Regensburg, he will talk about the most important demands placed on sputtering targets, for example in terms of the high densities, purity and homogeneous microstructures that are required. He will also present the advantages of powder metallurgical target manufacturing methods and provide practical tips on their use during the coating process.

Users from other industrial sectors will also report on their practical experience with vacuum equipment, pump systems, coating processes, power supplies and the associated generator units. They will address not only the technical aspects but also the issue of the cost, efficiency and profitability of such systems.



For more detailed information, please visit or have a look at the program flyer .

We look forward to seeing you on 13th/14th November in Regensburg!