Precision in the semiconductor industry

How do our materials contribute in the semiconductor industry? Find out in Valladolid/Spain and San Francisco where we will present spare parts as well as our Advanced Standard components for ion implantation.

Our product portfolio consists of more than 9,000 components made of molybdenum, tungsten, graphite or ceramics. Thus, we supply the right replacement part for all common OEMs’ implanters – from the ion source all along the beam path to the end station.

For our customers, Plansee spare parts are increasingly becoming more than just spares. Wherever we see the potential to save our customers time and money, we offer Advanced Standard solutions. An example:

Advanced Standard MRS-Vanes


Contrary to the OEM standard part, we construct the area where the ion beam impacts with the greatest force almost as a right angle. The areas at the edge - which are primarily affected by chemical and thermal reactions - are produced with only shallow angles. The outcome: less abrasion during the ion implantation.

Material purity is important when manufacturing electrical components involving particularly small-scale structures. Therefore we get the most out of our materials and manufacture the replacement parts out of particularly hard and robust graphite. The outcome: less abrasion and reduced formation of particles during the process.

The advantage for our customers: Advanced Standard MRS vanes last up to three times longer than conventional OEM models.

MRS-Vane according to OEM standardAdvanced Standard MRS-Vane for a longer service life


Advanced Standard MRS-Vane for a longer service life

IIT 2012 (International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology)
June 25th- 29th
Congress Center, Valladolid (Spain)

Semicon West
July 10th-12th
Moscone Center, San Francisco (California)

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