RSNA: New trends in x-ray imaging.

Thousands of registered visitors attended the 99th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting held by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2013 in Chicago. This congress is seen as a barometer for trends in imaging technology in medical science. Our "trend scouts" Dr. Wolfgang Glatz, Thomas Müller and Rick Dahlquist were there.

The x-ray team from Plansee were in Chicago to identify trends in medical imaging technology. One of the keynotes of the Congress, for instance, was the improvement of the relationship between the radiation dose and the image quality. Exhibitors presented new CT scanners that deliver more precise images than previously in a shorter time. Diagnosis is easier on the patients, who also have to remain still for a shorter time before a precise image can be made. It is also simpler to produce images of "difficult" organs such as the lung or heart. Not only that, faster procedures also reduce the power consumption of the machines, which represents a significant cost saving for the operator.

Another key aspect of the conference was improved image resolution for different parts of the body with different tissue density and composition. One of the exhibits in this area was a spectral detector. The new system uses different x-ray wavelengths to distinguish different elements of the periodic system and represent them in color. This new technology facilitates diagnosis and visual representation of kidney stones or arteriosclerosis, for instance.

You may be asking what the RSNA and modern trends in medical imaging technology have to do with Plansee. Our high-performance materials, technologies and products will continue to put us right at the heart of these developments:

For decades, our x-ray targets and stationary anodesray tubes for diagnostic imaging.

Our tungsten and tungsten Composite collimators and shielding components ensure that the detectors in CT scanners are shielded from scattered radiation as well as possible to promote optimum image quality.

Dr. Wolfgang Glatz, head of the X-Ray Technologies market unit, Thomas Müller, head of production for x-ray targets, and Rick Dahlquist, sales manager at Plansee USA share their customers' excitement at the impressive developments in medical technology. They and their team will continue to offer their customers the strong metals and sound engineering expertise they need.



If you want to find out more about new developments in the radiology field, we recommend the article „Most innovative cardiovascular imaging technology at RSNA 2013“ by Greg Freiherr and Dave Fornell and These interesting videos.