Schneider Electric Supplier Award 2015

The two production sites Seon and Shanghai of the Plansee BU Power T/D have achieved to become "preferred supplier" of the customer Schneider Electric for the fifth time in a row.

Frank Müller, Head of BU Power: "We are proud of our employees' performance in a difficult market environment. They were successful to differentiate our offer in such a competitive market environment. This is not given and clearly shows that we have to up the ante every year to maintain our status as one of the preferred suppliers of a leading energy technology company with 90,000 suppliers".

For Schneider Electric we manufacture switch contact components from WCu and CuCr. Switch contacts are critical products where everything has to be just right. Which is precisely what Plansee delivers: Last year, we once again gave ample proof of the quality of our products and our delivery reliability.

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