Sputtering targets for the solar industry: live on stage in Santa Clara and San Francisco.

Whether as rotary or planar target: Our materials are the optimum solution as coating materials in thin-film photovoltaics. What do all of our targets have in common? Unbeatable material purity, homogeneous and oriented microstructure and high density.

Find out for yourself, for example at the SVC in Santa Clara (CA) and at the Intersolar in San Francisco (CA). This year’s main actors:

Molybdenum (Mo) and copper-gallium (CuGa) rotary targets


While molybdenum is the optimal back contact in CIGS solar modules, copper-gallium (CuGa) is utilized for the production of the absorber layers. With our rotary targets made of molybdenum and copper-gallium you harness more than 75 % of the target material. Therefore you can take advantage of a longer target life and lower costs in the production of your solar modules.

Sodium-doped molybdenum sputtering targets (MoNa)


Small amounts of sodium in the CIGS absorber allow the solar modules to operate much more efficiently. With our newly developed sputtering targets made of sodium-doped molybdenum (MoNa) you achieve an optimal sodium concentration in the absorber layer. Since the microstructure of our MoNa targets is very fine and homogeneous, a particularly uniform sodium distribution is achieved in the absorber layer.

SVC (Society of Vacuum Coaters)
May 1st-2nd
Santa Clara (CA/USA)
Plansee booth: 826/828

July 10th-12th
San Francisco (CA/USA)
Plansee booth: 5779

Meet and greet!
If you would like to arrange a meeting with us, simply send us an email at coating(at)plansee.com. We will get in touch with you shortly.

Further information and our entire material selection can be found here.