Ti-Al-N/Mo-Si-B multilayers: An architectural design for high temperature oxidation resistant hard coatings

Ti-Al-N/Mo-Si-B multilayers are highly temperature and oxidation resistant and are therefore an excellent coating for mechanical engineering parts.


Ti1-xAlxN targetMo-Si-B target



State of the art mechanical engineering is in need of high temperature and oxidation resistant materials. Major aspects in the design of highly oxidation resistant coatings are the formation of a continuous, non-volatile oxide scale, the adherence of this scale as well as retarded transport mechanisms within the scale. Considering these criteria combined with the requirements for excellent mechanical properties, at the 19th Plansee Seminar Helmut Riedl presented an innovative design concept of extremely oxidation resistant multilayered Ti1-xAlxN/Mo-Si-B coatings. Through the variation of the bilayer period (from 7 to 237 nm for our Ti1-xAlxN/Mo-Si-B multilayers), hardness, growth morphology, thermal stability and oxidation resistance are adjusted.

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